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Trolley Corners
515 South 700 East
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Sugar Factory Playhouse
West Jordan, Utah

After the city bowery was demolished to make way for a new fire station, West Jordan Theater Arts opened the 230-seat Sugar Factory Playhouse in the city's old sugar factory.  Inspired by Trolley Square, the West Jordan City Council planned to renovate the sugar factory and turn it into a cultural arts center with a larger auditorium, amphitheater, art gallery, conference center, reception hall, and retail center.  Expensive seismic upgrades eventually doomed the project and the sugar factory was demolished by the end of 2010.

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Trolley Corners
Photo Sections

The sign of the Trolley Corners Theatres at night.  The words 'Trolley Corners' appear at the top of the sign and 'Theatres' is written on either end.  Below the name of the theater were sections for each theater with seven lines of copy.

Exterior Photos

Trolley Corners Theater 1, from the back left corner looking down at the screen curtains.

Theater 1 - Center


The screen and murals on the south wall of Theater 2.

Theater 2 - Center

Trolley Corners Theater 1, looking up from the left side of the screen.  In 1998 Cineplex Odeon installed 800 new seats in the auditorium.

Theater 1 - Front Looking Back


Looking towards the screen and north wall of Theater 3.  The screen has no curtain and is mounted on the back wall of the auditorium.

Theater 3 - Center

Projection windows in the back wall of Trolley Corners Theater 1.  Before it closed, Trolley Corners was one of few Salt Lake theaters with 70mm capability and with two projectors in its booth.

Theater 1 - Back Left Corner


Above one of the doors in the south foyer of Trolley Corners Theater 1 was a large mural taken from the movie 'The Sound of Music'.

South Foyer - Sound of Music

Looking through an open door, across the Trolley Corners Theater 1 auditorium to the door to the south foyer on the other side.

North Foyer - Star Wars


Late night showings of 2001: A Space Odyssey at Trolley Corners, in 70mm.

Newspaper Ads

The lobby and concession stand of Trolley Corners Theater 1.

Theater 1 Lobby


The Trolley Corners ticket booth.  The area behind the booth is open to the concession stand for theaters 2 & 3 on the level below.

Ticket Booth

The area above the concession stand is open to the ticket booth level above.  Images of movies stars hang from the ceiling.

Lower Lobby


The openings on the north exterior wall of Trolley Corners Theater 1, looking east.

Northwest Walkway

South Walkway


Theater 2 - Back

Theater 3 - Back


Two elevators provide access to offices on the fourth level of the Trolley Corners complex.

Level 4 - Center

The top level of the Trolley Corners complex.  Above is the projection booth for Theater 1.  The area on the right is open to the lobby for Theater 1.

Level 4 - Stairs


South Foyer - Upper Landing

South Foyer - Corner


North Foyer - Corner A

North Foyer - Corner B


Level 4 - Left

Level 4 - Right


West Walkway

South Walkway Upper


Theater 3 - Front