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Revier Theatre
Ogden, Utah

The Revier Theatre, located on 25th Street, was open for about a year, with possibly three changes in management.   The theater offered “high-class vaudeville and pictures” and was described as “the neatest, coziest and most refined place of amusement in the city.”   One of the “first-class” theater companies to before at the Revier was Slocum & Mac, with “a bunch of pretty girls.” 

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Dollar Complex Makes Cinemark New Utah Leader in Movie Screens

By Terry Orme
Salt Lake Tribune, 27 March 1992

Article Summary:
The Sugar House Movies 10 opened on 27 March 1992, making Cinemark USA Inc. the largest motion-picture exhibitor in Utah.  The new multi-plex has 10 auditoriums ranging in size from 160 to 298 seats, for a total of 1,800 seats.  The large room is equipped with THX sound and must be certified yearly by a Lucasfilm technician.  The new theaters are accessible to people with disabilities and offer earphones for the hearing impaired.

Movies 10 is a second-run or "dollar" house, serving those who cannot afford the prices of first-run movies.  In concentrating on the discount-movie market, Cinemark hopes to fill the niche between first-run movies and home video.  "People are going to go see the three or four big movies of the year, the 'Batmans' for example," said Lynn Norton, Cinemark's director of marketing.  "We are trying to get them back in the habit of seeing movies in theaters regularly.  Families are getting priced out. Parents with four or five children have quit going to the movies."

Other Utah discount theaters operated by Cinemark are the Valley Fair 9, the Layton 6, the Ogden 4, and Provo Movies 8.  "The Provo complex consistently brings in the most gross revenue of any of Cinemark's 150 locations across the country."