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Empress Theatre
Magna, Utah

The name 'Empress' is spelled out in with white light bulbs, with a border of red lights.

The Empress Theatre
has opened once again! 
9104 West 2700 South
Magna, Utah
Empress Theatre

The OHPAA group continues it's renovating efforts, with an expanded parking area now ready to use and two addtitional rooms now painted!   We have also been officially designated a Non'profit Corporation by the IRS!  The Empress is also the filming location for a new Disney Movie  ("Dadnapped") which will be aired on the Disney Channel next spring.  We are very excited!
And come see the new carpet in our lobby! It's gorgeous!
 Things are happening fast at the Empress.  You'll have to hurry to keep up!

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The empire strikes again
With eight new screens going up in Providence, the Force is with Westates Theatres

By Mike Ingraham
Herald Journal, 25 August 2002

Article Summary:

Providence 8 Stadium

The new Providence 8 Stadium multiplex, the centerpiece of Spring Creek Village at 517 West 100 North, is due to be completed in November 2002. The auditoriums, which range in size from 140 to 300 seats, will have wall to wall screens and digital sound systems. The Stadium 8 "will have both slopes and stairs, the audience entering at mid theater and heading either up or down."

Movies 5

Westates Theatres built Movie 5 in North Logan five years ago. The multiplex was intended to be part of a commercial complex with good access, but instead Westates found themselves alone. "We have tried everything . . to alleviate traffic congestion . . "

Cinema 3

"Westates is committed to downtown Logan and has plans to remodel Cinema 3 within the next year."

Water Gardens Cinema 6

"Providence Stadium 8 will be followed by two new auditoriums in Pleasant Grove and then the Rudmans break ground in Washington County."

Davis Drive-In

Tony Rudman, Sr. bought his first theater, the Davis Drive-In, in March of 1958. Two months later Tony Rudman, Jr. was born.

When Tony Rudman Jr. was a lad, his job was to patrol the drive-in. "Sneaky teens clambering out of car trunks would freeze in the beam from Tony's flashlight."

The Rudmans used to entertain Fourth of July audiences at the Davis Drive-In with fireworks. "We'd shoot 'em into an alfalfa field," Tony Rudman, Jr. Recalls. "We'd always set it on fire, and always had the fire department there to put it out. It was a great way to grow up."

Tony Rudman, Sr. "amassed a string of theaters, sold them, and bought them back again when the owners went bankrupt."



Original Source:
With eight new screens going up in Providence, the Force is with Westates Theatres