Logan's opera company will acquire downtown theater

By Arrin Newton Brunson
Salt Lake Tribune, 14 March 2006

Article Summary:

The Utah Theater was built around 1924.

Keith Hansen, a resident of Providence, owned the Utah Theatre and operated it as a discount movie theater until closing it recently.

On 13 March 2005, Michael Ballam announced the purchase of the Utah Theatre from Keith Hansen using money donated by Larry H. and Gail Miller.  Ballam's goal is to expand the Utah Festival Opera Company and enhance the local economy, similar to what has been done at the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City.  The Logan theatre district will include the Utah, Ellen Eccles, and Cain Lyric theaters, all within walking distance.  The Utah would be used for recitals, concerts, lectures and pre-1929 silent movies with organ accompaniment.

The stage of the Utah Theatre will be expanded to offer additional performance space for an orchestra pit.  The theater will also be home to a Wurlitzer organ, valued at $1 million, that Canadians John and Marsha Schelkopf donated to the company in 2003.