The ceiling of the lobby.
Grant Smith, 23 October 2010

Utah Theatre

148 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101
(1920 - 1992)

Exterior Photos

A view of the closed theater from across Main Street.
The front facade of the Utah Theatre building in 2001.  The entrance was boarded up and painted with a checker board design.

Grant Smith, 27 September 2001
The entrance of the Utah Theatre was boarded up in 2001.
The entrance of the Utah Theatre in 2001.
Grant Smith, 27 September 2001
An exterior view of the Utah Theatre's auditorium from the northeast.
In the background on the left is the lobby,rising in two levels. The balcony projection booth extends over the lobby, with an air conditioner sitting in a window. To the right is the exterior of the auditorium.
Grant Smith, 7 June 2002
Looking towards the exterior rear wall of the Utah Theatre.  In front of the theater is a small red brick building which is connected with a larger building, whose roof slopes upwards towards the Capitol Theatre.
The auditorium of the Utah Theatre rises above a power plant in the foreground.  On the left of the theater is a two-level building that has been converted into a parking garage.  In the upper left of the photo is the exterior wall of the Capitol Theatre's stage.
Grant Smith, 23 March 2007