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Riverdale Center 4
4109 Riverdale Road
Riverdale, Utah
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Regency Theatre
Salt Lake City, Utah

ABC Intermountain Theatres opened the Regency Theatre on 19 July 1972.  The $750,000 cinema featured 780 seats and a curved Tecnikote XR 171 screen measuring 50 feet wide by 22 feet high.  Red curtains from R. L. Grosh & Sons rotated behind the screen instead of gathering at the sides.  The booth featured dual Century 35/70mm projectors with Christie CHF xenon consoles and 3,000-watt bulbs.  Cineplex Odeon relegated the Regency to dollar theater service on 6 June 1989, then closed it permanently on 25 March 1990.  The former theater was later remodeled into a three-story office building.

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The building in the upper left of this 1997 aerial photo may have been the Riverdale Center 4 Theater.

Courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey
Date: 4 October 1997

Riverdale Center 4
4109 Riverdale Road
Riverdale, Utah
About 17 August 2000  
Before September 2004