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Grand Vue Drive-In
Mill Creek Dr & Powerhouse Ln
Moab, Utah  84532
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Cinemas 5
Vernal, Utah

When Warren Mott and his sons opened the Twin Cinema on 23 November 1973, it was the largest theater complex between Denver and Salt Lake City.  The lobby featured a huge crystal chandelier with 54 lights suspended over a round concession and ticket counter.  The 500 and 300-seat auditoriums were equipped with carpeting, drapes, “stadium type upholstered seats,” stereophonic speakers, and 21 by 40 feet Cinemascope screens.  The adjoining El Diamante reception center was converted to a third auditorium after Kent Limb purchased the theater in 1982.

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The sign, projection building, and screen tower were still standing in 2007.

Google Earth, 22 August 2007

Grand Vue Drive-In
Mill Creek Dr & Powerhouse Ln
Moab, Utah 84532
Before 1964  
After 1985  
The Grand Vue Drive-In showed movies from about 1964 to 1985.1

A drive-in south of Moab sits empty while weeds grow in the lot.2

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