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Newhouse Theatre
Exchange Place & State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Legacy Theatre
Salt Lake City, Utah

The 500-seat Legacy Theatre was built in the former Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Utah as the building was converted into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  The theater opened on 3 July 1993, presenting the Church-produced film “Legacy” in 70mm six-channel Dolby Stereo on a 63-foot-wide screen.  The Legacy Theatre was the last theater in the Salt Lake area to present traditional “five perf” 70mm films.  The first digital projector in Utah was installed at the Legacy Theatre for “Joseph Smith, The Prophet of the Restoration,” which opened on 17 December 2005.

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Newhouse Theatre
(Orpheum Theatre)
Exchange Place & State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah
Before 1912  
After 1912  
The Newhouse Theatre was open about 1912.1

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