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Valley Fair Movies 9
3601 South 2700 West
West Valley City, Utah  84119
1-800-FANDANGO 1242
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Surprise Theatre
Bountiful, Utah

Lamoni Call opened the Surprise Theatre on 12 May 1909. The theater did so well that a company organized a year later to buy and enlarge the theater to 500 seats. A stage was to be added, "sufficiently large to accommodate the best traveling troupes that visit small towns."

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Above the entrance is the name of the theater, 'Movies 9', written in neon.

Photographer: Grant Smith
Date: 8 September 2004

Valley Fair Movies 9
(Valley Fair 4 Cinemas, Movies 9)
3601 South 2700 West
West Valley City, Utah 84119
1-800-FANDANGO 1242
Total Seats:
14 August 1970  
The Valley Fair 4 Cinemas, which opened on 14 August 1970, was the first four-screen multiplex movie theater in the Salt Lake Valley. The theater's four auditoriums each had about 300 seats and were serviced by single projectionist. The concession stand was in the center of the lobby, with a pair of theaters on either side of it. The entrance to the theater was on the south, near one of thre main entrances to the Valley Fair Mall.

The Valley Fair 4 was built by Robert H. Lippert, who owned a chain of theaters based in San Francisco. The opening ceremonies for the theater on 13 August 1970 were attended by civic and theater officials of the Salt Lake City, Granger, and Hunter areas. Opening features were "They Call Me Mister Tibbs" (on two screens), Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty," and "Two Mules For Sister Sara."1

Sometime before 1989, Cinemark remodeled the theater and renamed it the Valley Fair 9. Five smaller auditoriums were added to the north of the existing multiplex and a new lobby and entrance connected to the Valley Fair Mall's new food court. The original entrance became a back exit and the concession stand in the original lobby was moved from the center to a corner.

The new Valley Fair 9 was Salt Lake's first multiplex dollar theater and the first multiplex to feature stereo sound in every auditorium.

1. "Valley Fair Cinema: Choice of Four Films", Salt Lake Tribune , 14 August 1970 , Page 16A