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Palace Theatre
44 West Broadway
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Dreamland Theatre
Ogden, Utah

Charles and George Driskell were managers of the Dreamland Theatre on Washington Avenue for most of 1908.   They made improvements to the playhouse in March, including the addition of landscape panels on the walls made by local artists.   In August, the Dreamland added a second projector, eliminating the need for intermissions at reel changes.   A claim by George Driskell that he had “worked with untiring energy” to secure exclusive engagements at the Dreamland provoked a strong response from R. W. Strong with 20th Century Optiscope, who claimed the entire credit for resolving booking conflicts lay with the national Film Service Association.   Two months later, the Dreamland reopened under the management of Fred Tout and Fred Anderson.

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Palace Theatre
44 West Broadway
Salt Lake City, Utah
The Palace Theatre was located at 44 West Broadway and was open from about 1971 to 1973.1

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