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Richmond Theater
6 West Main Street
Richmond, Utah  84333
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Sugar Factory Playhouse
West Jordan, Utah

After the city bowery was demolished to make way for a new fire station, West Jordan Theater Arts opened the 230-seat Sugar Factory Playhouse in the city's old sugar factory.  Inspired by Trolley Square, the West Jordan City Council planned to renovate the sugar factory and turn it into a cultural arts center with a larger auditorium, amphitheater, art gallery, conference center, reception hall, and retail center.  Expensive seismic upgrades eventually doomed the project and the sugar factory was demolished by the end of 2010.

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The Richmond City Hall and theater.

Photographer: Grant Smith
Date: 7 May 2011

Richmond Theater
(Richmond Opera House, Kinema Theatre, Richmond City Hall)
6 West Main Street
Richmond, Utah 84333
Before 1940  
After 1955  

According to Polk's Utah Gazetteer and Business Directory, the Richmond Opera House was open from about 1912 to 1927.[1]  In 1927, Polk also listed the Kinema Theatre.[2]

The Richmond ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints showed movies in Richmond about 1935.[3]

The Richmond Theater showed movies from about 1940 to 1955.[3]

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