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Rio Theater
Midway, Utah
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Fountain Green Theatre
Fountain Green, Utah

The LDS Church opened the Fountain Green Theatre and Dance Hall in 1918 and for decades it was the heart of the community.  In 1944 the building was sold to Ivin Rasmussen, who continued to operate the recreation center until 1950, when television changed the way people spent their evenings.  Rasmussen converted the dance hall into a general store, but the building sat vacant for 30 years after the store closed in 1976.  His descendants donated the building to the city in 1998 and the restored community center reopened on Memorial Day weekend 2004.

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Rio Theater
Midway, Utah
Before 1945  
After 1955  
The Rio Theater showed movies from about 1945 to 1955.1

1. "Rural 3", movie-theatre.org