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Rio Theater
Midway, Utah
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Rex Theatre
Ogden, Utah

Stanley B. Steck was the principal owner of the Rex Theatre, which was earlier known as the Cherry Theatre.  Since it was located near another of his theaters, the Lyceum, Steck closed the Rex during the summer months, reopening in the fall when demand increased.   Because of the seasonal closures, the Rex became the nucleus of the Little Theatre community theater movements in 1919 and again in 1931.   The Rex became the Cozy Theatre after another of Steck's theaters closed.   In 1931 it became known as the Weber Theatre or Weber Little Theatre.

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Rio Theater
Midway, Utah
Before 1945  
After 1955  
The Rio Theater showed movies from about 1945 to 1955.1

1. "Rural 3", movie-theatre.org