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Marysvale Opera House
Marysvale, Utah
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Pioneer Memorial Theatre
Salt Lake City, Utah

The Pioneer Memorial Theatre was built as “the modern counterpart of the old Salt Lake Theater,” a tribute to “the thousands who sat enthralled within its walls” and to the “traditions of our Pioneer theatrical heritage.”  Although only parts of the exterior bear any resemblance, Pioneer Memorial was to be “pleasantly reminiscent of the Salt Lake Theater in architectural design.”   Construction on both building began on the 1st of July, the original in 1861 and the latter in 1960.

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Marysvale Opera House
Marysvale, Utah
Total Seats:
Before 1903  
After 1903  
The Marysvale Opera House opened before 1903 and seated 250.1

1. Polk's Utah Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1903-1904