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Murray Opera House
144 & 1/2 South State Street
Murray, Utah
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Lehi City Arts Center
Lehi, Utah

After the John Hutchings Museum of Natural History moved to the Memorial Building in 1996, the former museum was renovated and reopened as the Lehi City Arts Center.   Limited by its 100-seat auditorium with a combined green and dressing room, the Lehi Arts Council announced plans in 1998 for a new performing arts complex with a 1,800 seat Broadway theater, a smaller 248-seat theater, and a theater-in-the-round.  Pledges were secured for $6 million of the necessary $15 million, but fund-raising grew difficult due to competition from other Utah County arts initiatives and the 2002 Winter Olympics Games.  In 2003, Lehi City unveiled a $150,000 renovation of the existing arts center.

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Murray Opera House
144 & 1/2 South State Street
Murray, Utah
Before 1906  
After 1922  
The Murray Opera House was located at 144 & 1/2 South State Street and was open from about 1906 to 1922.1

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