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Parowan Opera House
Parowan, Utah
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New Shakespeare Theatre
Cedar City, Utah

On 16 February 2012, the Utah Shakespeare Festival announced plans to build a $26.5 million Shakespeare theater on 200 West, between Center Street and College Avenue.  The new 900-seat theater will feature amenities missing from the current Adams Memorial Shakespearean Theatre, such as public restrooms and a backstage area.  A retractable roof will expand the season and allow for possible year-round usage.  The playhouse will allow for additional performances, which will draw an additional 30,000 patrons to Cedar City and increase the economic impact of the Festival by an estimated $8 million annually.

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Parowan Opera House
Parowan, Utah
Total Seats:
Before 1903  
After 1930  
The Parowan Opera House was open from about 1903 to 1930.1

1.  Polk's Utah Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1903-1904, 1908-1909, 1912-1913, 1914-1915, 1918-1919, 1920-1921, 1922-1923, 1924-1925, 1927-1928, 1930-1931