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Brigham's Playhouse
25 North 300 West Building C-1
Washington, Utah  84780
(435) 251-8000
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Colonial Theatre
Ogden, Utah

Joseph Pantone, an early partner in the Colonial Theatre, thought the small cinema had “a bright future because the smaller establishments do not have the heavy overhead of larger picture houses and can share the saving with their patrons.”  The Colonial opened on Thanksgiving Day, 29 November 1923.  In 1935, it expanded from 389 to 490 seats.  The theater closed at the end of May, 1949.

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The logo for Brigham's Playhouse features a beehive with a portrait of Brigham Young.

Date: 1 January 2014

Brigham's Playhouse
25 North 300 West Building C-1
Washington, Utah 84780
(435) 251-8000
14 February 2014  

Brigham’s Playhouse opened on 14 February 2014 with the production, “Little Women, a Little Musical.”  The theater is located in the remodeled town hall of Cottontown Village, a collection of historic buildings hosting shops and businesses with an old western town flavor.[1, 2]

Jamie Young left a 19-year career as a professor of musical theater to create the Brigham's Playhouse performing arts group.[1]

“Throughout my career, I’ve found that my students are highly trained performing artists, but after leaving college, they have very limited opportunities to use their skill to make a living,” Young said. “It’s my hope to provide such opportunities to local people who want to work in the performing arts.”[1]

Young researched many markets and found a high demand and low supply in the Washington area.  The theater was named as a legacy to his great-great-great grandfather, Brigham Young, who established the Salt Lake Theatre in 1861.[1]

Unlike local performing arts groups, Brigham's Playhouse is a business rather than a nonprofit organization.  The theater has 11 full-time employees and nearly $100,000 invested.[1]

Brigham's Playhouse seeks to provide “family audiences with excellent, affordable, Broadway-caliber, wholesome and edifying theatre.”  For performing artists, it offers a work environment “based on high moral and ethical values; conducive to inspiration from heavenly sources; and able to allow time with families and for community/church service.”  Its education program develops “creative & expressive artists” and is founded on “professional technique, family values, and principles of ethical living.”[3]
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