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Family Center Trolley Theatre
1122 East Fort Union Blvd
Midvale, Utah
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Bijou Theatre
Ogden, Utah

The Bijou Theatre, later named The Odeon, may not have been open for much more than a year.  Manager De Mott showed pictures using a “Cameraphone” on a cloth screen, a method criticized by his successors as “a failure as an attraction.”  Higginbotham and Platt replaced the cloth screen with a fine plaster wall, “upon which the pictures will appear to much better effect.” 

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Family Center Trolley Theatre
1122 East Fort Union Blvd
Midvale, Utah
Total Seats:
21 December 1976  
4 September 1997  
The four-screen Family Center Trolley opened on Tuesday evening, 21 December 1976, with a special premiere of "Joe Panther," a film made by Utahns in Florida. "The opening of the new theater drew a large number of civic, religious and educational leaders as well as theater-men, who said the theater is 'interesting because of the graphics' by Dale Christensen, manager of Trolley Square theaters, as well as lovely and comfortable."1

The Family Center Trolley was similar in design to the Trolley Square Theaters, featuring "nostalgia in decorations and has old-time film projectors and graphics of old-time film celebrities".1

The two larger theaters had 400 seats each, while the two smaller ones had 300 seats.  Groundbreaking for the $1 million theater was on 15 June 1976.2

The first regular engagements to show at the theater were "Bugsy Malone," "Baker's Hawk," "Shout at the Devil," and "Murder By Death."

In April 1990, Cineplex Odeon changed the Family Center Trolley from a first-run theater to a dollar theater.3 The theater closed on 4 September 1997. It was later demolished and replaced by a Babies R Us store.

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