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Grand Opera House
121 East 200 South
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Orpheus Hall
Vernal, Utah

C. W. Showalter, and Andrew King opened the Orpheus Hall on Thanksgiving Day, 30 November 1911.  The amusement hall had a spring dance floor, but was also used for roller skating, basketball, banquets, and movies.  It was named after the Greek god of Mirth, “a famous musician who is reputed to have had power to entrance men, beasts, and inanimate objects by the music of his lyre.”  At 11:00 PM on New Years Eve, 1928, the hall was renamed Imperial Hall.  In a ceremony on 20 April 1965, Governor Governor Calvin L. Rampton took a sledge hammer and delivered the first blow in the demolition of the hall as part of a community beautification campaign.

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Front facade and west wall of the Grand Theatre.

Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.

Grand Opera House
(New Grand Theatre, Grand Theatre, Garrick Theatre, Hippodrome Theatre)
121 East 200 South
Salt Lake City, Utah
24 December 1894  
The Grand Opera House opened on 24 December 1894 and presented stock company drama.<1>  The opera house was renamed the New Grand Theatre by 1898 and the Grand Theatre by 1903.<2>  About 1914 it may have been known as the Garrick Theatre,<3> but it may have returned to the name of Grand Theatre about 1918.<4>  From about 1920 to 1930, the theater was the Hippodrome Theatre.<5>

As the Grand, the theater presented stock and variety
shows.  As the Hippodrome, it was used as a sports arena.  The theater was destroyed by fire.<6>

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