New Ogden project to be called 'The Junction'

Downtown hope: The name evokes historic legacy, symbolizes a modern-day turning point for city

Salt Lake Tribune, 15 February 2006

Article Summary:

The name of the redevelopment project that will replace the failed Ogden City Mall is “The Junction”. The Boyer Company announced the name during a meeting of the Ogden Redevelopment Agency Board. Boyer chose “The Junction” for its allusion to Ogden's railroading history and nickname, “Junction City”. Another name that was considered was “The Summit”.

The Treehouse Children's Museum is nearing completion and Larry H. Miller plans a 12-screen cinema complex. Salt Lake City developer David Earnshaw plans a six-story building with luxury condominiums, a grocery store and offices.

The old Ogden City Mall lost most of its 125 shops before the city bought it and put it out of its misery.