Petty Troubles Keep Police on the Jump

Green River Journal, 11 August 1955, page 1
Breaking and entering coupled with petty thievery was reported over the weekend.   The River Vu Drive-In Theater was broken into during the night of August 7.  Marshal Weber said that the forced entry was accomplished sometime between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.  Apparently it was the work of
youths since only candy, pop, hot dogs, and buns were taken.  Foot tracks were found leading from the refreshment stand to the old highway toward Elgin said Marshall Weber.

The River Vu is operated by Eugene Hunt, Jay Vetere, Alma Scoville, and Lewis Allen, all residents of Green River.

Earlier in the week the mail truck driven by Charlie Hanks was involved in a small property damage accident with a car driven by a service man from the Gary Air Force Base in Texas.

Several fights were also reported to have taken place in town during the week, through no arrests were made.