$140,000 Drive-In Theater Site Nearby

Murray Eagle, 17 June 1949, page 2
United Intermountain Theater has started construction on a $140,000 drive-in theater at 3700 So. Redwood rd.

According to Irving Gillman, president, grading has started and the project is scheduled for completion July 15.

Capacity of the show place will be approximately 600 cars, which will be spaced throughout a diamond-shaped lot, the "home-plate" of which will be a 46 by 64 ft. screen.  Ramps will be numbered and lighted.

A special feature will be a combination speaker and heater unit to be placed in customers' automobiles.  A button on the speaker will be wired so that by pressing it a car occupant may signal for refreshments.

The 12 1/2 acre theater property will have a picnic ground and a playground for children.

Beesley Construction Co., is contractor.