New Theater Makes Possible Greater Entertainment Choice

Murray Eagle, 15 December 1938, page 4
Murray City, long well served by the Iris Theater, took a forward step in the amusement world with the opening of the “gorgeous” new Murray Theater on October 28th.

Welcomed By Townspeople

Our community is proud of this new theater which with its attractive white front and beautiful appearance makes State street in Murray a thoroughfare very much in the modern manner.

The Murray Theater has an illuminated sign that cannot be overlooked by anyone approaching the city at night and lends a distinct luster to the city.

The lighting in the foyer and inner lobby is all indirect tubing and is designed to harmonize with the delicate wall decorations and rich red carpets.

Full upholstered chairs fill the spacious auditorium and are arranged with the idea of giving every patron an unobstructed view of the screen. Indirect lighting is installed in the auditorium. A mirrophonic sound system and projection equipment is a feature of the theater.

Iris Improved

The Iris Theater lobby and entrance has been improved this year and new decorations render the entrance more attractive than ever. Fine pictures are always on the bill a the Iris.

Patrons in search of amusement, especially during the holiday season now have the choice of features at two theaters offering choice entertainment at low prices.