Rapid Progress on New Price Theatre

Price News Advocate, 16 August 1923, page 8
The new theatre being erected in Price by Georgedes brothers on the lots adjoining the Silvagai building on the east is shown in the drawing above. The foundation work for the building has been completed and the brick laying will start immediately, it is announced, giving to Price within as short a time as possible a theatre that will be a credit to the city and to the district.

The plans provide for two store rooms in the front with the lobby of the theatre in the center. The main floor of the auditorium will be in saucer shape, sloping down to the orchestra pit with a roomy horseshoe balcony at the back. A large box is provided for at each side of the stage and ladies' and gents' rest rooms will be fitted up in the building. The proscenium arch is to be 18 x 24 feet. The stage is to be “rig” equipped, with fly gallery above, five dressing rooms and a large storeroom finding room below the stage.

The orchestra pit is being arranged to accommodate a large pipe organ, which will probably be installed later. The ventilation is to be on an automatic system that will insure a perfect regulation at all times. The Georgedes brothers will not doncut the theatre themselves but will lease to responsible parties, they stated today.

The front of the building is to be in terra cotta and glazed brick, the design being shown in the drawing above, with unique combinations of the materials. The idea of including a ball room floor in the building has been discarded to give the theatre the utmost benefit from the money invested in the building. It is stated by some who have studied the plans that it will be the best from several angles of any theatre of its size in the Intermountain region.

The name for the new theatre will be left to popular choice, it is announced by the owners, a contest to be held soon.