New Picture House for Brigham

Box Elder News, 1 September 1916, page 4
Messrs W. H. Shurtliff of Ogden and W. R. Dredge of this city have completed plans for the erection of a modern picture theatre in Brigham City. The gentlemen have purchased the ground between the Hanson Merc. and H. C. Christiansen's tailor shop on the east side of Main street, which gives them a forty foot frontage and the building will extend back about one hundred feet. The present buildings on the property will all be torn down and by the first of next week active work to that end will begin.

It is the purpose of the gentlemen to provide two nice little stores on the street line, one one each side of the lobby to the theatre, and the screen will be located in the west end of the building so that patrons will be able to see their way into the theatre by the reflected light from the screen. The floor will be sloped at the proper angle and the house will be equipped with opera chairs and two modern projecting machines. In the rear will be rest and toilet rooms and side exits will be provided to connect with an exit alley which will run along the north side of the building.

The front of the building will be a modern decorated theatre front, and very attractive and the entrance will conform to the most uptodate requirements.

These gentlemen contemplate spending some money in the venture and they feel confident of success. They state that it is their belief that there is room for two picture concerns in Brigham and for that reason they are going to get into the field and make a bid for their share of the patronage. They will show only first class pictures and will make a strong effort to raise the standard of the moving picture appetite by offering subjects that will be educational as well as entertaining. It is their purpose to rush the theatre to completion and be ready for business before the winter months come.