Curtain closing on 4 productions

Deseret News, 3 August 2007

Article Summary:

Bumbleberry Theatre:

  • owned by the same family that operates the adjacent restaurant and motel
  • before it became the Bumbleberry, it featured locally produced melodramas 
  • theater is for sale

Rhett Thomas Productions:

  • Rhett Thomas Productions is closing its shows at Bumbleberry Theatre and Zion Canyon Theatre
  • final performance of “I Fall to Pieces” on Monday
  • "Twist the Night Away," "It's Showtime!" close August 11
  • attendance has been fiarly good, 70 to 80 people per night
  • Thomas is moving his family to Nashville, Tenn. to pursue other options
  • operating a theater is expensive and Bumbleberry is not a nonprofit or subsidized

Zion Canyon Theatre:

  • Rhett Thomas Productions produced musical revues in the Zion Canyon Theatre