Critics won't get early peeks at 'Godzilla'

Deseret News, 26 April 1998, page E11

Article Summary:

Trolley Corners

Trolley Corners' Theater 1 was closed for four days on the week of 20 April 1998 while 750 new, "plush high-back" seats were installed.  Jeff Vice of the Deseret News described it as "a movie critic's dream come true" and refered to the old seats as "torture-device chairs".  ". . . the seat cushions there have become painfully thin, with springs that protrude into the most sensitive areas of a patron's back (and backside). And when moviegoers had to sit in them for longer than two hours (such as the 'Titanic' promotional screening), it made for an excruciating experience."

The Flick

The now-defunct Carmike Flick Twin Theaters disposed of old chairs by piling the discarded seats directly under the movie screen.

Carmike 12

The Carmike 12 Theaters, "probably the most comfortable multiplex showhouse in the valley," are being renovated with the ever-popular "stadium seating."