Gem Theater Alleged to Lack Ventilation

Salt Lake Tribune, 22 December 1921, page 24
The Swanson theater circuit is charged with failure to comply with the state law regarding ventilation of theater buildings in a complaint issued by County Attorney Arthur E. Moreton yesterday afternoon.  The charge was brought by Perceival Young, advisory engineer of the state board of health.

It is alleged that insufficient fresh air is furnished patrons of the Gem theater, owned by the circuit.  The law provides that at least 1200 cubic feet of fresh air per hour must be furnished every occupant.

W. H. Swanson, owner of the Swanson theater circuit, denied last night that the Gem theater was improperly ventilated.

"I contend that the Gem is the best ventilated theater in the city," he said.  "There are thirty-two square feet of openings in the ceiling besides doors and windows.  No one has ever complained about the ventilation since the theater has been operated."