Construction 'kickoff' held for Davis Cultural Arts Center

Deseret News, 29 May 2009

Article Summary:

A “construction kickoff” event was held on Thursday for the Davis Cultural Arts Center, featuring local dignitaries and speeches. Construction has been going on for months at the site. The intent was to show potential investors that the project has begun in earnest and is not just a conceptual project. Davis County commissioners presented a first installment check of $800,000 from funds collected from tourism activities in the county. Future payments will total $1.2 million. Officials expect $500,000 to be raised by the South Davis Performing Arts Association, which will manage the theater after its completion.

Hogan Construction is the contractor for the construction project. The April 2009 estimate for $14.4 million lowered to below $14 million after bids for the first phase of construction came in 7.5 percent below estimates.