Modern Picture Theatre

New Liberty Theatre

Salt Lake Tribune, 6 November 1910

Described as a “photo-playhouse,” to be known as the Liberty theatre, the building shown above and now under construction on State street between First South and Second South streets, is to be one of the most modern motion picture houses in the west, the builders claim.

Plans for this new theatre call for a seating capacity of 1,900, and embody many new features which have not before been incorporated in plans for a motion picture house.  Among these innovations will be private loges, where the exclusiveness and comforts of the opera box may be enjoyed.  Private retiring rooms for both ladies and gentlemen will be another feature, and by a complete electric ventilating system, the air in the house will be changed every three minutes.

The lighting system will follow out the most modern principles, and the building itself, practically fireproof, will be arranged so that danger to patrons from fire will be removed as far as possible.

One hundred loge seats will be provided, which will be separated from the main body of the house.

C. W. Midgley, manager of the Casino, will also have the management of the Liberty, and he declares he will surprise the patrons of the new house upon its opening.

The building is 44 x 180 feet in dimensions, will cost more than $20,000, and it is a part of the plans of the management to open on February 1.