$2.4 million, 1,100-seat cinema complex to be built in Tooele

Enterprise, 18 May 1998

Article Summary:

Construction on the Tooele Cinema 6 will begin on 26 May 1998, with a scheduled opening on the weekend before Thanksgiving.   The $2.4 million six-plex cinema will feature wall-to-wall screens, state-of-the-art digital sound, and nearly 1,100 seats.  Monitors in the concession area will show footage of coming attractions.  The 18,000 square-foot theater complex will be a cinder block construction with a fully surrounding awning, built on a 4.5 acres site.   First-run releases will be booked through Westates Theaters Inc, which provides films for about 100 other companies.

The project was put together by Big Screen Distribution, formed by Summit Entertainment (Mark Morris and Jeff Roylance ), Westates Theatres (Anthony Rudman and Jim Nicholodemus), Bob Tempest, and Mike Tempest.  Central Bank of Springville funded the project, with about $550,000 in equipment leased through First Security Leasing.  The building design was provided by ARC Artel Architecture.  Agreements with a contractor have not been finalized.