Entrance of the Tooele Cinema 6. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 18 September 2001
UEC Theatres
UEC Theatres 9
(Tooele Cinema 6)

1600 North Pine Canyon Road
Tooele, Utah 84074
(435) 843-5800
(After 1998)

The Tooele Cinema 6 was built by Big Screen Distribution, a company formed by Summit Entertainment (Mark Morris and Jeff Roylance), Westates Theatres (Anthony Rudman and Jim Nicholodemus), Bob Tempest, and Mike Tempest.[1]

The $2.4 million theater complex features six auditoriums with wall-to-wall screens, state-of-the-art digital sound,[1] and a total seating capacity of nearly 1,068.[2]  Footage of coming attractions was to be shown on monitors in the concession area.   The 18,000 square-foot cinder block construction was built on a 4.5 acres site.  Central Bank of Springville funded the project, with about $550,000 in equipment provided through First Security Leasing.[1]

Union Pointe, the contractor for the Water Gardens Cinema 6, was also expected to build the Tooele Cinema 6.[3]  The two theaters share a similar design with other Westates Theatres in Providence, Cedar City, and St. George.

Construction on the Tooele Cinema 6 was scheduled to begin on 26 May 1998, with an expected opening of Thanksgiving 1998, but on 18 May 1998 agreements with a contractor had not been finalized.[1]  The theater may not have opened until March 2000.[4]

In September 2000, the Tooele Cinema 6 began testing a new online ticketing system.  Admission tickets and concessions vouchers can be purchased online and printed out at home, allowing patrons to bypass lines at the theater box office.[5]

"This move to Internet ticketing is an attempt to provide greater convenience to our customers," said Tony Rudman.  "The assurance of finding a seat for your movie as well as the ability to avoid any line at the box office, especially during the winter months, is a major benefit of the online ticketing system."[5]

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