Opening Slated for Regency Theatre

Salt Lake Tribune, 12 July 1972, page B25

Construction of the ABC Intermountain Theatres Regency Theatre, 2749 Parley's Way (2120 South), is nearly completed and the three-story structure costing about $750,000 is set to open July 19.

John N. Krier, vice president, Intermountain Theatres, Inc., said the steel frame and masonry block building has 26,000 square feet of area. Besides offices for the firm, about 5,000 square feet of office space will be available for lease.

Theater Chain

He noted there will be 780 widely spaced, rocking chair and lounge type seats. The electrically controlled auditorium temperature will allow patrons to enjoy year around climatized comfort.

This is the theater chain's 22nd motion picture house in Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Nevada.

General contractor of the Regency Theatre is John Price Associatees, Inc., 35 Century Parkway (2950 South). Construction began last September.

Circular Ramp

Woodbury-Morris Co., 353 E. 2nd South, is the developer of the property.

The theater was designed by Henry George Green & Associates, New York City, who also designed the Wilshire Theatre in Ogden and the El Camino Theatre in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Mr. Krier said, "The ultra modern three-storey structure is elevated above a spacious parking area and set off by a circular ramp that actually gains entranc to the parking lot.

"The area within the ramp will be fountained and gardened, adding to the design. The inside of the theater is unusual with such items as a completely draped auditorium with a curtain that rotates around the screen rather than gathers at the side.

"Behind the handsome exterior and plush decor will lie specially designed acoustics and the most advanced electronic sound equipment the industry has yet developed."