Amusement Hall for Vernal

It will be built and ready for use before winter sets in.

Vernal Express, 3 June 1910, page 1

The Organization Effected

An amusement hall has long been under consideration, and when the Social Hall was sold to Mr. Woodard recently for his furniture store, the matter of a new hall came up again. The Stake and Vernal Ward officers have discussed the subject before and at this time it was by unanimous agreement that the ball was started rolling.

A committee was appointed to devise means best suitable to give Vernal an UP TO DATE amusement hall. The committee met Tuesday and organised. The officers are R. S. Golett chairman, Hyrum B. Calder vice chairman, B. D. Nebeker secretary, W. S. Ashton treasurer.

It was decided to make it a stock company and the capitalization was set at $25,000, at one dollar a share. It is not contemplated that the hall will cost that much money, probably half of that will build what is needed [missing word], but in the not distant future the company may see fit to put up more buildings.

Working committees were appointed as follows. Finance E. D. Samuels chairman, H. B. Calder, Stanley Ashton, and E. M. Young.

Grounds and location, E. M. Young chairman, H. B. Calder, E. D. Samuels and B. D. Nebeker.

Plans and specifications, R. S. Golett, chairman, B. O. Colton, and E. Windor.

R. S. Collett was instructed to visit any and all amusement halls he could while away, and get all the information necessary to make the new hall the best ever.

The name of this company is the Vernal Amusement Association.

There will be an opportunity for male or female, old to young, to take stock in the company, and it is anticipated that the people will be glad that something is started in this line that they will readily subscribe for the necessary stock.

Vernal is growing and it needs an up-to-date hall for [missing word] reasons. The [missing word] for [four missing words] when the best will be right in Vernal.