Trolley Corners Theatre triplex opens its doors tonight

Deseret News, 23 December 1977, page C7

The $3.5 million Trolley Corners complex, located across the street from Trolley Square on Seventh East, will open the doors of its theater tri-plex Friday.

The Trolley Corners Theatre, owned by Trolley Theatre partners David Gillette, Mike Place, Tony Rudman and Mae Bay, has a total seating capacity of 1,430.

The larger theater with a seating capacity of about 800 will be the deepest slope theater in the city.

According to theater owners, it will also be one of the city's nicest theaters and will be ideal for major productions.

Gene Wilder's "The World's Greatest Lover" will be playing in that theater.

The two smaller theaters have a seating capacity of 300 each. "Turning Point" with Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft and "Telefon" with Charles Bronson will open at those theaters.

Each theater will be capable of showing 35 and 70 millimeter films with magnetic and optical sound. Each theater is also equipped with the Dolby high fidelity sound system.

Calvin Gundersen will be the general manager of the new Trolley Corners Theatre.

Murals within and outside the theater were designed and painted by Dale Christiansen, general manager of Trolley Theatres.

The Boyer Company's Trolley Corners complex includes the theater tri-plex, office space, Union Bank, Swenson's Ice Cream Store and an unleased restaurant.