Abravanel Finds Tribute on Eve of His 90th Birthday 'Beautiful for Me'

Deseret News, 6 January 1993, page B4

Article Summary:

On 5 January 1993, the eve of his 90th birthday, Maurice Abravanel attended a dinner in his honor in the lobby of the Symphony Hall, along with 250 invited guests. Salt Lake County Commission Chairman Jim Bradley formally announced that Symphony Hall would be renamed Abravanel Hall in honor of the retired Utah Symphony conductor. Among those giving tributes and reminiscences were former Governor Norm Bangerter and Ballet West founder Willam F. Christensen. A birthday message from President Bush was read. Abravanel served as the orchestra's music director for 32 years and marshaled support for the symphony during its early funding crises. He helped build similar programs nationally and helped convince Congress of the importance of support for the arts.