The only shows in town

Sun Advocate, 25 March 2004

Article Summary:

Mike Johnson started working in the Price Theatre 35 years ago, when he was 15 years old, and said that “from the beginning I got the business in my blood." About eight years ago he bought the Crown, Price, and King Koal theaters, which he operates with his wife, Valerie, and 15 employees. Movies have different start times at each theater so employees can rotate between the three locations.



In the 1950s, Carbon County had two drive in theaters, one between 800 and 900 East Main in Price and the other in Carbonville.


Price Theatre

Joe and Mary Santi owned the Price Theatre 35 years ago.


King Koal

The King Koal was built in the early 1980s, in retail space that was intended for a large men's store. The tenant pulled out and the owner of the Crown and Price theaters was offered the space. The owner had planned to build a new theater on 100 North , where the Olivetto Complex is now located.