Thanksgiving Point plans multiplex theater

New Utah, 5 December 2002, page 1

Article Summary:

Two new movie theater complexes are planned for northern Utah County and may compete with each other for business. Thanksgiving Point in northern Lehi announced plans for the Thanksgiving Point Stadium Eight Theaters, with an opening date of 26 May 2003. Cinemark has a 12-screen movie theater scheduled for completion five months later in Meadows Shopping Center in American Fork, near the eastern border of Lehi.

T. J. Rudman, vice president of Weststates Theatres, “said distance between movie theaters was not too much of a concern as long as the population in the area supported it.”

The Thanksgiving Point Stadium Eight will feature “stadium seating, love seats, massive screens and three separate sound systems.” The theater will be open for business on Sunday and will show R-rated movies, which are both requirements of movie business contracts. “. . . movie producers like all their movies shown and restrict selection from the theaters.”