Westates Theatres announces new theater, discounted tickets

Spectrum, 27 January 2012

Article Summary:

Unnamed Theater

Westates Theatres will enter into an agreement to construct a theater in conjunction with the new development near the existing conference center south of St. George, to be completed by Thanksgiving 2012.

  • eight screens, all wall-to-wall and 3D capable
  • an IMAX class superscreen
  • 1,700 seats
  • over 35,000 square feet
  • high-back rocking chairs
  • stadium seating
  • all digital projectors
  • state-of-the-art digital sound

St. George Cinema 6

Westates will remodel the existing St. George Cinema 6, to be renamed the Main Street Cinema 6, and offer reduced admissions and concessions. “Westates understands the difficult economic conditions and is excited to bring a first run stadium seat theater to St. George at discount prices.”

Fiddler Cinema 6

Westates convert three existing screens at the Fiddler Cinema 6 to operation as a discount theater.