S.L. Outdoor Theater Installs World's Largest Screen

Salt Lake Tribune, 18 March 1954, page 13
Installation of the largest movie screen in the world - 48 feet high and 102 feet wide - has been completed at the Romantic Motor Vu in Salt Lake to handle CinemaScope pictures and full Stereophonic sound.

K. O. Lloyd, Salt Lake branch manager for 20th Century-Fox announced Wednesday that the Motor Vu is the first outdoor theater to be licensed for CinemaScope, the installation having been approved by Fred Leslie, New York technician for the film company.

Several technical problems had to be surmounted to bring the process to outdoor viewers.

Motor Vu will be open Friday evening with "The Robe."  Fox executives and possibly Jay Robinson, who plays Caligula in the picture, will attend the opening event.