Cinema closure spurs speculation

Deseret News, 23 June 2000

Article Summary:

Crossroads Cinemas
Closure of the popular and high-profile Crossroads Plaza Cinemas has led to rampant speculation of a pull-out for the Loews Cineplex Entertainment chain in Utah. Loews operates 69 screens in Utah. Officials for Loews said they were as patient as they could be with the theater, which had seen business fall off considerably in the past year. The theater lasted 20 years, almost an eternity in today's competitive movie-theater market.

Broadway Centre
Broadway Centre has been showing a more diverse selection of films in recent years, including independent and international fare. During the months before the Crossroads shutdown, higher-profile films had begun to trickle into the Broadway.

Tower Theatre
In the past few years, the independently run Tower has had to battle Broadway Centre for the best art-house fare, especially after the Tower ran into some financial difficulties with distributors. The Tower, now under new ownership and management, has been working to resolve all outstanding debts, as well as repair ties with bigger "independent" distributors like Miramax and USA Films.