Alhambra Theater is Purchased by Scowcroft

Ogden Standard Examiner, 02 November 1917, page 12

Albert Scowcroft, president of the Ogden Pictures Corporation, will leave this afternoon for New York where he will be engaged for several weeks on business dealing with the filming and marketing of “The Grain of Dust,” the second big screen show to be made by the local company.

Mr. Scowcroft announced last night that he had virtually secured the sole ownership of the Alhambra theater through exchange of stock with the other owners, Charles Ziemer and H. A. Sims. This also includes the Ogden Motion Picture Supply house. He proposes later to bring other men into the company.

“Plans for an extension of the business will be made and carried into effect in the near future,” said Mr. Scowcroft, “and I propose to effect a reorganization of the Alhambra company theatrical interests and other interests just as soon as I can arrange the matter. But before I do that I must make a trip to New York, and shall depart Friday afternoon for the eastern metropolis.”

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Alhambra Theater is Purchased by Scowcroft