Paramount Theatre Opens Tonight with New Paramount Production

Ogden Standard Examiner, 09 September 1925, page 2

At 7:30 o'clock tonight, the Paramount theatre, formerly the Alhambra, will formally open its doors to the public, after several weeks of extensive remodeling and redecoration.

It will be a beautifully transformed theatre that will greet the eyes of tonight’s patrons and guests, for no expense has been spared to make it the equal in beauty and equipment to any other theatre in America. With the opening of the Paramount, Ogden has another theatre of which to be proud for, with very few exceptions, there are no other cities in the world of Ogden's size so splendidly equipped for the entrainment of its citizens.

A completely new color scheme was adopted and carried out from front to back. New draperies have been installed, along with new carpets, rugs and furniture. The lighting arrangements are excellent and will be a distinct feature of the pleasurable effect registered on the patrons. During the past two weeks, experts have completely overhauled the great organ. To this instrument has been added a complete set of orchestral “traps” and several other new features which make it the equal of any theatre organ in this section of the country.

Featured on tonight's program will be the Paramount picture, “The Lucky Devil,” starring Richard Dix, who is supported by the beautiful Esther Ralston. Of special interest to the patrons will be the special engagement of Jules Falk, the celebrated violinist, in concert at 4, 7:30 and 9:15 p. m., daily, until Saturday. Added to the photoplay bill will be Harry Langdon in his latest Mack Sennett comedy, “His Marriage Wow” and the latest edition of Fox News. - Advertisement. 

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Paramount Theatre Opens Tonight with New Paramount Production