Acoustics of the Alhambra Theater

Ogden Standard Examiner, 21 February 1916, page 6

The acoustics of the Alhambra theatre were declared perfect Saturday night, by a committee of fifteen local citizens who attended the Hippodrome vaudeville performance as guests of the Alhambra Theatrical company to judge of the merit of the Johns-Manville system of absorbing and disseminating sound. The installation of the system was completed Saturday, and the opinion of the committee was then requested.

The committee, in a group, first occupied seats in the tenth row of the orchestra, center, and, after witnessing two acts, moved to other sections of the playhouse. After the performance was concluded, the members of the committee declared they heard virtually every word spoken from the stage clearly in every part of the auditorium.

Manager H. E. Skinner was greatly pleased with the opinion of the committee and, in speaking of the improvement to the theatre, said:

“I am firmly convinced now that the management will no longer hear complaints on this score. The Alhambra Theatre company has made an earnest endeavor to perfect the acoustic arrangement, so that its patrons will not be dissatisfied on the ground that they could not hear distinctly when they visit the theatre. The practical test made by the committee is final proof that there will be no more trouble in hearing and that the public will be assured its money's worth with every performance.”