Novelty Theater Burned

Partially Destroyed This Morning – Probably Set on Fire

Ogden Standard Examiner, 16 October 1895, page 4

Between 2 and 3 o'clock this morning the old novelty theater, on Twenty-fifth street, recently called the Sherman theater, was partially destroyed by fire.  The stage, scenery and part of the roof are burned out, and if the fire had not been discovered when it was, the entire building would probably have been in ashes now, for it is of such old and dry material that it would burn very easily.

Bartender Casey of the St. Louis beer hall discovered the flames and smoke coming out of the roof of the building about 2 o'clock, and telephoned the alarm to the fire department which reached there soon afterwards.  The fire was a mean one to fight, for it had started right under the stage and was burning all on the inside.  It was a hard matter to tell how to get inside and get the water where the fire was the greatest.  A hole was made through the roof and the flames were fought from above, while another stream was made to play upon the flames from an opening in the rear end of the building.

Three streams were soon being used on the fire and the firemen were compelled to fight the flames for three hours before they could be gotten under control.  The loss to the building is estimated by some at probably $700 or $800, fully covered by insurance.  The property is owned by the Stevens' Bros.


It is believed by everyone who saw the fire or knows how it occurred that it was started by some miscreant.  It appears as though kindling composed of old paper, shavings and such trash had been piled up under the stage and set fire to.
It is said that the place was to be opened in a short time by one of Leavitt's variety companys.  It is not known whether it will be fixed up again for that purpose or not.