New @geneva development to feature homes, stores, Megaplex theater

Daily Herald, 7 September 2013

Article Summary:

 On 6 September 2013, Anderson Development announced a development on the site of the old Geneva Steel Mill, once the economic engine of Utah County.

@geneva Development:
  • 1,700 acre master-planned community project
  • 150 acre town center
  • intermodal hub
  • high density housing and offices
  • retail: 2 million square feet
  • office: 3.5 million square feet
  • industrial: 5 million square feet
  • 26,000 residents
  • 90 acres of lake front with improved beaches
  • Day's Market grocery store
Megaplex Theatres:
  • 13 digital theaters
  • a five-story 2D/3D digital IMAX screen
  • D-Box motion seats
  • VIP luxury lounge and premium seating
  • gourmet food and beverage service
  • private event party and business meeting space
  • special needs services
Geneva Steel:
  • went out of business
  • empty steel mill was dismantled
  • site "looked like a bomb site with concrete mounds, hazardous waste and other debris"
  • hazardous waste cleanup of more than 900 acres