Crossroads to get 15 screens

IMAX Theatre also included in Cinemark plans

Deseret News, 13 July 1999

Article Summary:

Cinemark at Crossroads:

  • Cinemark USA made announcement on 12 July 1999
  • L&B Realty Advisors Inc. managed the Crossroads Plaza mall
  • 15 screens
  • stadium seating
  • wall-to-wall screens
  • digital sound
  • IMAX 3D Theatre, “which allows customers wearing special polarized glasses to view movies with a three-dimensional effect”
  • construction will begin in spring 2000
  • expected Christmas opening
  • to cost at least $10 million
  • one of several projects Cinemark planned along the Wasatch Front
  • part of a marketwide shift toward multiscreen mega-theaters
  • Location is still in the discussion stages. One option is to build the complex on top of the existing parking facility. Additional parking may be added to accommodate theatergoers and shoppers.

Edwards Cinemas:

Edwards Cinemas planned to build a 22-screen, 105,000-square-foot complex at the Chimney Ridge project on the site of the old American Smelting and Refining Co. at 5100 S. State. Construction at the development was delayed pending remediation of environmental contamination, but was expected to move forward in 30 days, with a tentative opening for the fall of 2000.

Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons;

  • open by the end of October 1999
  • 17-screen multiplex theater
  • 5,000-seat complex
  • includes a 70-millimeter screen that will be used to show documentaries and other educational films
  • independently run
  • the decision not to affiliate with a theater chain was based on Miller's continuing desire to branch out
  • "Mr. Miller is always looking for ways to diversify and have businesses that might not all follow the economic curve the same way. That way, for example, if the car business is down a little, maybe the movie business will be up, and vice versa. But really, this is just a way to diversify, and provide a nice facility for family entertainment." (G. Stephen Tarbet, chief financial officer for the Larry H. Miller Group's real estate division)