Paramount to Open Sept 9

Former Alhambra Building Renovated; Good Class of Films

Ogden Standard Examiner, 4 September 1925, page 16

Under new management, the Paramount theatre, formerly the Alhambra, will open its doors to the public next Wednesday, presenting the first of a program of new Paramount pictures, “The Lucky Devil,” of which Richard Dix is the star.

With the reopening of the house, after complete renovation and redecoration, a policy similar to that of many other successful theatres will be inaugurated, according to Louis Marcus of Salt Lake. Mr. Marcus is president of the L. Marcus Enterprises, under direction of which the theatre will be operated, and was in Ogden yesterday on business connected with the theatre.

“I consider the Paramount, for so many years known as the Alhambra, one of the finest theatres in the country, comparing very favorably with any other house of similar capacity.” said Mr. Marcus. “In some respects it is unique and altogether is a structure of which Ogden people should feel proud. It will be our policy to so conduct the Paramount that it will continue high in the esteem of the people of this city and to render a service of such quality as to deserve their support.

“In fact, a properly conducted entertainment enterprise ought to receive the support of the people of its community, wherever located. Ogden, in particular, has the distinction of possessing two of the finest playhouses to be found in any city in this country, regardless of size. More and more, amusement has come to be recognized as one of the vital community needs and the prosperity of theatres is a very fair indication of the prosperity of the town – provided, of course, the theatres are properly conducted.

“It is our intention to obtain the finest productions available for the entertainment of patrons of the Paramount. While we realize that no one producing company has a corner on quality, we believe that with a well balanced program of the new Paramount pictures and the new Metro-Goldwyn productions, together with well selected short subjects, the Paramount theatre will offer a year-in and year-out entrainment equal to that of the most famous theatres. Only Pictures which are thoroughly clean in subject and treatment will be shown, so that at all times the entrainment will be enjoyable and proper for all the people, old and young.”

The L. Marcus Enterprises operates several of the better known theatres in the intermountain country, among them the Paramount-Empress and Victory in Salt Lake. The organization is a heavy taxpayer in Utah and neighboring states and has been credited with much of the advancement in theatrical enterprise in this part of the country.

The local management of the Paramount theatre will be in the hands of Emmett T. Sorg, an experienced theatre man who comes to Ogden from Cincinnati, F. L. Clawson will be assistant manager. Following the opening engagement of “The Lucky Devil,” the world-famous Cecil B. De Mille Paramount production, “The Ten Commandments” will occupy the screen at the Paramount for five days, beginning Saturday, September 12.