'The Lucky Devil' on Opening Bill of New Paramount

Ogden Standard Examiner, 06 September 1925, page 21

Next Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock the Paramount theatre, formerly the Alhambra, will open its doors to the public, according to definite announcement made yesterday by Manager Emmett Sorg. The first bill to be presented will be Richard Dix in his latest Paramount picture, “The Lucky Devil.” The photoplay from a story by Byron Morgan, author of the automobile racing stories in which the late Wallace Reld gained much fame. It is a rollicking comedy about a venturesome and lucky young man who, for live of girl, gets into and out of more funny scrapes than are usually packed into one feature photoplay. Chief in support of Mr. Dix in “The Lucky Devil” is Esther Ralston, Paramount's blonde beauty.

Added to the entertainment for the formal opening Wednesday night and continuing until Saturday is the appearance in concert of the eminent violinist, Jules Falk, who has just completed an unusually successful engagement at the Paramount Empress theatre in Salt Lake, as a part of a transcontinental tour. Mr. Falk, whose plans had been made to proceed at once to the coast, was induced to fill the engagement at the Paramount theatre. Mr. Falk is distinctly a master of the violin and, at every appearance, carries his audiences by storm.

In addition to the feature photoplay, a new Mack Sannett comedy will be shown, “His Marriage Wow,” a typical Sennett scream featuring the funny Harry Langdon. Langdon, during the past year has attained the heights of stardom and in the future will be seen in big comedy features. The latest edition of the Fox News will complete the cinema program.

The extensive renovation and remodeling which has been in progress at the theatre for the past three weeks has practically transformed the house. An entirely new color scheme has been carried out, adding much to the intimate atmosphere of the theatre. Beautiful new draperies have been hung on the stage and elsewhere while there has been installed throughout the theatre some much-needed equipment, making the house thoroughly modern in every respect. During the past two weeks, the great organ has undergone a complete overhauling and the big instrument will be in perfect condition for the opening. 

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'The Lucky Devil' on Opening Bill of New Paramount