Salt Lake Film Society corners independent film market

BYU NewsNet, 5 September 2003

Article Summary:

The Salt Lake Film Society operates both of the foreign, art and independent film theaters in Salt Lake City: the Tower Theatre and the Broadway Centre Cinema.

The two-year history of the film society is marked by rapid growth.  While other theaters are closing, the Salt Lake Film Society recently installed new Dolby Digital sound systems in four of the six screening rooms at the Broadway Centre Cinema.

Brooke Harper, president of the film society said, "Operating an art house theater is a completely different enterprise and we have a lot of experience running an art house theater from the Tower Theatre. You have to be creative with finances, make every dollar go as far as possible, and people who traditionally work with Hollywood cinema don't know how to do that."

Harper and staff go to film festivals around the country to find the perfect films for their theater.

Most of the Salt Lake Film Society's income comes from ticket sales, but it also collects member fees and is supported by a grant from the Salt Lake City Arts Council.  The non-profit organization also operates a video rental service at the Tower Theatre, specializing in foreign or art films.