Day of reckoning at last for Utah 'Rings' fanatics

Deseret News, 17 December 2003

Article Summary:

The Carmike Ritz 15 was the home of the world's largest "line party" for the opening of "The Return of the King."  More than 1,200 fans attended the party, including one couple flew in from Minnesota.  The party lasted from 9 p.m. Tuesday to 4 a.m. Wednesday and included hundreds of Oscar-worthy costumes, Elfin music, grab bags and prizes.  Line party committee members decorated the Ritz with replicas of the two towers, a Hobbit hole, a swan ship, Galadriel's glade, Shelob, and banners.

5,100 moviegoers attended the midnight showings of "Return of the King" at the Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons, which filled up all 17 auditoriums.  Hardcore fans snatched up all 600 "Trilogy Tuesday" tickets in minutes so they could watch 720 minutes of an all-day "LOTR" movie marathon.

A group of "Lord of the Rings" fans tried to start a line for "Return of the King" at Jordan Commons six days before the movie opened, but theater management requested that they come back later.  The dozen teenage boys returned four days later, on Monday morning, and camped out for 36 hours with overnight temperatures in the teens.